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Reasons To Invest In Qatar

Fastest Growing Economy

Qatar was the fastest growing economy in the world from 2008-2019 as it developed its huge natural gas reserves and emerged as the largest LNG exporter in the world.

Focus On Development

Government spending will focus on infrastructure development in the run up to the 2022 World Cup and revenue is expected to stabilize in line with our assumption that hydrocarbon prices will ease slightly.

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Increase By 18%

The government announced a record State Budget for  2018/2019, with overall expenditures budgeted to increase by 18% to US$57bn and revenues expected to increase  by 6% to US$60bn

Over 7000 Investors in 2019

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Highest Credit Ratings

Qatar has the highest credit ratings in the GCC, along with Kuwait. Its ratings also compare favourably with some of the most advanced economies in the world. 
Qatar’s long-term foreign currency rating from Moody’s is currently at Aa2 and from Standard and Poor’s is at AA.

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