Sami Raja: The Untold Story Of A Visionary

It is said that leaders are born and not made. Leaders are visionaries who aimed for the stars even when their circumstances disallowed them to think so. From a school kid who sold drinks and chips to his peers, to the role of founder CEO of internationally acclaimed Sami Raja Consultancy firm, Sami Raja’s journey has been nothing short of an inspiration. Its a one man’s journey to success by helping others succeed.

A Business Man Is Born

Born to a young struggling mother on Christmas Eve in Huddersfield, England, Sami Raja always had a knack for business. To support his mother, Sami started his first job with a local fish and chips store at the age of 12.

“My biggest influence is my mum. She raised me single-handedly never letting me know of the struggles. I always wore the best clothes and trainers when I was younger. Later on, I understood that store credit cards were the worst kind of debt, which is why I started working at such a young age.”

  • Sami Raja

By the age of 15, Sami went on to take over the business and run it. He oversaw all the kitchen activities as well as took care of the marketing aspects. As a younger entrepreneur, he was famous for his catchphrases which helped him win most of his loyal customers.

Spreading wings

At the age of 21, Sami Raja qualified as a stockbroker. Despite his lack of a college degree, he rose to prominence in the industry due to his hard work, dedication and love of the investment business.

Over the course of the years, Sami’s experience turned expertise and he successfully spent 12 years of his life as an independent investment marketing consultant, expertly managing investment marketing, business development, branding, procurement and company formation. He went on to set up and lead successful companies which weren’t restricted to his initial area of interest. Apart from Heron Marketing, an international marketing consultancy based out of London, Sami Raja went on to become founder and MDof Clean Kicks, a company that specializes in premium footwear cleaning products and Desert Angels, a bespoke online store dedicated to swimwear and accessories for women.

Wanting to widen his horizon and business presence to the Middle East, Sami Raja founded the Sami Raja Consultancy in Dubai and thereby extending his expertise in assisting entrepreneurs and SME owners. He now focuses on company formation, business restructuring, VAT management and finance management. In his role as the CEO of Sami Raja Consultancy, he was able to utilize his in-depth knowledge, years of experience and contacts in business intelligence to help companies grow, expand, increase revenue and succeed. With SRC, Sami Raja paved the way for many others like him find their way to success.

“Having a vision is not enough to succeed. Success starts with the drive that converts all your visions into actions. Dedicate your life to see your dreams become reality.”

  • Sami Raja

Love For All

Sami Raja is also a known supporter of animal rights and funds several animal charities across the globe. As a strong advocator of his cause, he is planning to open a dog shelter in India, aiming to provide food and protection to the hundreds of stray dogs in the country.

Living In Present

Sami Raja’s visions for the future never ends. Currently, he is exploring into the untapped market potential of blockchain technology and it’s many possibilities. Today, he is settled in Dubai with his 6-year-old son Rayan, all the while working tirelessly to put his visions into actions.

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